While kickboxing is oftentimes confused with Asian indigenous Thai boxing, those two differ a lot.

Kickboxing is basically a modern rendering and mingling of both the Western traditional boxing, Asian Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and the Japanese Karate technique…

This ultimately makes kickboxing a hybrid martial art, that is mostly being learned now for either general fitness or sports-related matters.

The fact that this style has been effectively constructed by the fitness and fighting enthusiasts makes it easy for a whole multitude of spinoff varieties to regularly appear. Such sub-styles as American kickboxing, box shooting, K-1, Japanese kickboxing and Dutch kickboxing are among the most popular new sub-styles…

Though largely practiced for recreational and/or overall fitness goals, kickboxing nowadays gains a lot of traction among women too…

The recently generated «Kettlebell kickboxing» style is one of the varieties, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn straightforward self-defense…

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:

  • Kettlebell kickboxing
  • Box shooting
  • K-1
  • Japanese, American and Dutch kickboxing

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