Karate martial arts fighter

Karate, also known as the «mother of all Japanese martial arts», is really a laying foundation for all other fighting styles, originating in Japan…

Developed in the Ryukyu islands (modern day Okinawa), it incorporates a lot of Chinese moves (like Fujian White Crane’s) kicks, punches, and strikes.

Sometimes the worldwide popularity of the karate goes as far as to serves as an «umbrella term» for all Oriental striking-based martial arts.

This, however, is very inaccurate, as karate’s rise to prominence began just 100 years ago, with a lot of Chinese fighting styles being out there much longer.

Despite the differences, perhaps the fact how flawlessly karate does combine the moves of both Chinese and Japanese martial arts is what ultimately makes it so universally popular.

Karate is mainly an offense-based martial art, though oftentimes used for the self-defense matters too…

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:
  • Elbow & Knee strikes
  • Forward & backward punches and kicks

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